Hello Everyone!

It’s Fall already🍁🍂! It’s been a while since I’ve written. Time and Life gets the best of me sometimes. Today, I’m distraught. I’m agitated, I’m worried. I’m all of these things because of our country and it’s national state of affairs. The people of America are more divided than ever and being a strong Black woman with a pen 🖊 as her weapon of choice and a website as a platform… here’s what I have to say…

Certain people will NEVER EVER understand what it’s like to be a Black person in America. It’s easy to pass judgment when you haven’t walked a single step in a Black man’s or Black woman’s shoes. It’s so easy to make insensitive comments and to judge. It’s ever so easy to claim that a quiet nonviolent protest (kneeling during National Anthem) is wrong if you’ve never had to take a stand for your own human or civil rights. And, it’s especially easy to voice your opinion when POTUS is encouraging division by calling NFL players “SOBs” and spewing nonsense such as declaring players should be fired for exercising their right to protest. Your same POTUS stands up for and calls white supremacists protesting in Charlottesville “very fine people”. That comment in itself really says it all. None the less, POTUS unsolicited opinions have taken the focus off the REAL ISSUE. Players protest was never about the flag or the National Anthem. It’s about BLACK LIVES MATTER. Kneeling during the Anthem was meant to represent protest against the murder of innocent Blacks by Police and to bring attention to the fact.

We are all entitled to our opinions, sure. You know what they say it’s like… and everyone has one. However, it is everyone’s inherit right to protest. It is not only our right but it is our responsibility to demand change when there’s injustice. It is our responsibility to bring attention to the wrongful treatment and killing of Black people by police. AMERICA is supposed to represent FREEDOM. Freedom to protest, freedom to speak… freedom to not speak. FREEDOM. The National Anthem, our flag… represent that freedom. Therefore Athletes that have a platform to bring injustice to the forefront are exercising their right to protest in a manner and via a forum that captures the attention of the American people. PERIOD.

But let’s not get it twisted, people. Your reality and my reality… your parents reality or my grandparents reality… are NOT one in the same. FREEDOM for you may differ from FREEDOM for me. And as times change, people and their ACTIONS MUST also CHANGE. Double standards, white privilege… targeted economic deprivation must cease. Senseless killings of innocent Black people must cease. We must come together as ONE… a single UNIFIED NATION or forever shall we be divided.

If division is to be the final word, if American people do not wake up and smell the putrid stink of racism… then know this… Black people will not go quietly into the night… Black people will fight… We will fight for our rights and we will fight for change. Black Lives Do Indeed Matter… and EVERYONE… White or Black, Red Brown or Yellow… will continue to shout it from the roof tops and continue to knell until we are heard and America truly reflects FREEDOM, EQUALITY & RESPECT for ALL.
#TakeAKnee #BlackLivesMatter




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