VMJ’s Passions

What am I passionate about? I’m passionate about writing, of course! But I’m even more passionate about life! That’s why I support many foundations that strive to make life better for others.

There’s rarely a day that passes in which I don’t think about my brother, Michael Bennett or my cousin, Vanessa Choice. Michael and Nessa were senselessly murdered in the prime of their lives. Their deaths, incredibly tragic events, will stay with my family and me always.

I miss my close friends, Woodrow Marrow and Zimmerman Tylee, both died of HIV/AIDS. AIDS ended Woodrow and Zim’s lives far too soon.

My good friend, Karen Wells, suffered a brain aneurysm that ended her life as she celebrated her thirty-first birthday. Aneurysms strike without warning leaving countless families stunned and heartbroken.

Every single day I think about my parents, George (Bubba) and Elease Bennett. Momma and Daddy both had cancer. Cancer strikes in so many ways and in every part of our bodies.

My wonderful mother-in-law, Lillie Maude (Burns) Jacobs, succumbed to a diabetes related illness. Diabetes Type 2 runs rampant in African-American culture and it’s nothing to be ignored.

So many loved ones have suffered and died from one or more of the devastating diseases. It is in honor of these brave and strong souls that passed before us that I have such passionate desires to help, in any way possible, with the charities that seek to end these diseases and seek to help victims of violent crimes.

I implore you to help as well. Monetary donations are great. However, your time is needed and welcomed, too. Give whatever you can to these organizations that work feverishly to find a cure and to make life better for those stricken with these terrible illnesses.

Use the convenient links below to donate. Remember, it only takes a little, when done by many, to make a BIG difference.

Thank you and much love! ♥♥♥


Victoria Miguel-Joseph


*Crime Victims Advocacy Council
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*American Foundation for AIDS Research
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