The Gray Shoe Killer


The Gray Shoe Killer…

Crowned the youngest homicide detective in Atlanta Police Department history, Aeyola Janie Quarrels, is not only smart, ambitious and beautiful… she’s mad as hell! A serial killer with a strange, morbid fetish has been terrorizing mid-town for almost five years and Aeyola’s no closer to catching the Unsub than she was after the initial kill. A single fiber was found at the first crime scene, but no physical evidence since. Aeyola is certain that the single gray fiber holds the key to identifying the murderer. With the Chief of Police breathing down her neck and no leads to speak of… the bold and unyielding Aeyola resorts to some very unconventional ways to lure the killer. Her choice of methods is much to the chagrin of her super sexy and overprotecting Latino lover.

Meanwhile, Aeyola must also deal with personal business that involves her parent’s estate and her inheritance. A trip to her small hometown raises personal questions that she just can’t handle. What she learns in Texas opens up the proverbial Pandora’s Box.

Upon her return to Atlanta, bizarre and very peculiar occurrences begin, causing Aeyola to rethink and question everything she does and knows. However, by questioning the very things that she believes to be true, Aeyola uncovers startling but critical evidence… evidence that links not only to the murder case but links to her. Don’t miss The Gray Shoe Killer …coming soon!